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The Jetson Story

The Jetson family is a multi-generational farming family first settling in the area now known as Jetsonville in the 1860’s.

Generations of our family have always thought towards the future, protected the environment, and farmed the land well. We feel the importance of legacy and want to ensure its viability and sustainability for future generations. Our values of taking the time to care, to do things right, and having the time to add value underpin our daily life in presenting our family farming story to our visitors. And we want our guests to be part of that journey. Many properties have been bought and sold but today three properties form the story of Jetson Farm – Oakdene, Lauderdale and Forres.  Jetson Farm accommodation, located at Forres, is the first experience in our new venture. We hope your love the space as much as we do.

The Jetson story is not complete without mentioning Jetsonville in what we regard as the most beautiful and productive part of Tasmania.  Named after our pioneering family, Jetsonville in its early days boasted a school, post office, blacksmith shop, hall and store.  The local hall still sits proudly in the valley and is now the home of the Jetsonville Playgroup.

Jetsonville is situated between the rolling farm hills of Scottsdale and the seaside township of Bridport.  It’s only a short drive to visit regional attractions including wineries, distilleries, national parks and world class mountain bike trails and golf courses.  So much to see and experience or just enjoy your time at home on our farm.

 If you would like to know more about Jetson Farm, Jetsonville and our family story please ask during your stay with us.

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